Professional standards for teaching

Major components within this continuum include initial preparation, licensure and continuing professional development. Provide notice consistent with local education agency policies and contracts when intending to leave employment. The scope of this research has included such matters as a review of the impact of National Board Certification on Professional standards for teaching performance, [9] the quality of teaching by National Board Certified Teachers in the classroom, and the influence of the process on teacher retention.

This new certification was the first of its kind in education. Interpret and publish research results with accuracy. The Professional Practice Panel consists of seven members. The report, entitled A Nation Prepared: For example, engaging productively with others online; sharing creative or intellectual work that is original, protected and documented; being involved in virtual social actions such as crowdsourcing, crowd funding or mobilizing for a cause; using digital tools for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Expect clear lines of responsibility and accountability in the administration and supervision of special education professionals Professional Development Special Education Professionals: Recognize and practice in ways that demonstrate respect for the cultural diversity within the school and community.

Using digital tools to contribute to the common good and build interpersonal bonds.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Support the use of positive behavior supports and conform to local policies relating to the application of disciplinary methods and behavior change procedures, except when the policies require their participation in corporal punishment.

Maintain accurate student records and assure that appropriate confidentiality standards are in place and enforced. Ensure that public statements made by professionals as individuals are not construed to represent official policy statements of an agency.

Professional Standards

Assessing the credibility and usefulness of information found online and in the media, for example, evaluating accuracy of source data, bias and relevance to learning goals; learning to think about and check for personal biases and everyone's tendency to confirmation bias; and varying search terms to find alternative perspectives.

The committee provides recommendations to the National Board and advises those involved in developing the corresponding assessment.

Professional Knowledge Professional Practice Professional Engagement The Standards provide a common basis for planning learning pathways and assessing professional learning and achievement. Kelly, became the National Board's first president.

Advocate that special education professionals not be expected to accept non-educational support tasks routinely.

Commission for Professional Teaching Standards

Use periodic assessments to accurately measure the learning progress of individuals with exceptionalities, and individualize instruction variables in response to assessment results. For more information about the assessment, review the following resources and information: Topics include content relevant to its audience of educators, policy makers and others interested in quality teaching.

Learning Wales

Within each broad domain, each Standard also specifies a number of focal areas that are connected to the overall Standard. Mindful sharing of creative and intellectual work; knowing and using creative commons as well as innate copyright protections.

Learning Forward, with the contribution of 40 professional associations and education organizations, developed the Standards for Professional Learning.

Assign only tasks for which paraeducators have been appropriately prepared. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students Proposition 3: Expect that responsibilities will be communicated to and respected by colleagues, and work to ensure this understanding and respect.

Follow appropriate procedural safeguards and assist the school in providing due process. Byonly six years after its founding, the National Board was ready to welcome the first teachers who elected to pursue certification.

Created by Teachers, for Teachers National Board Standards are developed by committees of outstanding educators who are broadly representative of accomplished professionals in their field.The Education and Training Foundation commissioned a range of education providers throughout – 15 to create a set of ‘how to’ guides for the full set of documents can be downloaded from the Excellence Gateway.

The teaching Professional Standards were written following an extensive review and consultation period across the Education and Training sector. Colorado Professional Teaching Standards Standard I: Teachers demonstrate knowledge of the content they teach.

a. Teachers provide instruction that is aligned. Teachers use state and district content standards to organize instruction. Where appropriate, teachers. ABSTRACT. Abstract: The aim of this article is to review the related literature about the Professional Standards for teachers. The conceptual and historical background of the professional standards has been discussed in this article.

Ohio Standards for Professional Development. The Ohio Educator Standards Board updated the Ohio Standards for Professional Development in to support professional learning for Ohio’s educators.


During the extensive revision process, the Standards for Professional Learning developed by the national nonprofit education association Learning Forward served as leading resource. Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Download PDF Understand the Standards Use left and right arrows to navigate between career stages.

Also known as the TESOL Professional Teaching Standards, these standards can be used to assess programs that prepare and license P–12 ESL educators, as well as other teacher educator programs.

Please note the TESOL/CAEP Standards for P–12 Teacher Education Programs .

Professional standards for teaching
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